Guarantees offered


Alerta Detectives aims at the planning and provision of private investigation services. Activity regulated by Law 23/92 of July 30 of Private Security, published in the B.O.E. dated August 4, 1992.


In accordance with this Law, and the subsequent development of its Regulations, Alerta Detectives carries out its activity in the city of Zaragoza, officially and in force, by granting, by the Police General Directorate, the national license No. 1,342.
Likewise, Alerta Detectives guarantees that every detective involved in a research service, accredits its authorization in force.


We guarantee our assistance before the Courts of Justice, for the ratification of the content of the reports issued to the Client and in relation to the object for which they were elaborated.


We have models of contract and budget, exceptionally adapted to the requirements of the Client and, specifically, for each service to be made; of diaphanous interpretation and adjusted to the reality.


Alerta Detectives bases the preparation of their budgets on various tables of standardized fees and available to the Client for consultation in each case to be dealt with. These tables ensure that the system for drawing up the budget is the same as the one used in the calculation of the final amount, with no margin for doubt.