Our agency has more than 25 years of experience conducting private investigations in all guilds, with solvency and credibility in courts and clients throughout the national territory.

Alerta Detectives detectives Zaragoza, services for insurers and mutuals
Insurers and mutuals
  • Accident investigation (authorship, reconstruction, etc.).
  • Control after accidents.
  • Assumptions made false.
  • Disabilities.
  • Causes and circumstances in thefts and fires.
  • Simulation of claims.
  • Exaggeration of damages.
  • Reconstruction of casualties.
  • Frauds.
  • Loss of profits.
  • Verification of sequelae.
  • Professional Responsibility.
  • Simulated accidents.
Alerta Detectives detectives Zaragoza, industrial research

Investigation of patents and trademarks, Plagiarism and Counterfeiting, Industrial espionage and sabotage, attacks on industrial property, Mutual insurance companies, Investigations on accidents, vehicles, industries, Investigation and reconstruction of traffic accidents, Verification of sequelae, Assessment of the degree of disability, Verification of the degree of disability after discharge, Calligraphic experts, Recognition and authentication of signatures, Checking and study of handwritten texts, Judicial or Private Expert Reports, Perceptions and Reports on Trademarks and Models Patented Products, Peritaciones sobre arte de arte, Documentoscopia, Grafopsicológico study, etc.

Real estate investigations
Real estate

Duplicity of housing or commercial premises, Assignments and improper subrogations, Undue sub-leases, Dedication of housing / premises for other purposes, Absences, Works, concealment of internal reform, Evictions for evictions, etc..

Services for companies, labor fraud

Job absenteeism, dismissals, pre-employment reports, proof of curriculum vitae, false resignations, duplicity of employment, professional intrusism, unfair competition, termination of wages in processing, reports and observations on employees, research on work performance and productivity , observation of senior executives, order diversion, theft and material leakage, breach of professional secrecy, clandestine work, commercial control: dedication to other purposes, mistery shopping or mysterious customer service for chain stores.

Detectives for individuals

Injury and Slander, threats, premarital reports, observations and reports on persons, infidelities, provision of evidence to protect economic claims: maintenance and compensation, child custody claims based on alleged disorderly behavior, night, asocial, abuse, behavior of children: dubious behavior, friendships, drug addiction, places frequented, home leakage of minors, location of people in unknown whereabouts, inheritance, ill-treatment, etc.

Alerta Detectives detectives Zaragoza, digital research
Digital Research

Digital research on theft of information, fraud, espionage, threats or appropriation of sensitive information within a company.

Our research is made up of scientific and analytical techniques that aim to identify, preserve, analyze and present evidence contained in digital media in order to determine possible authors that represent a threat to our clients.

Our investigations are adjusted to the legal framework, in the form of presenting the evidence and validate the existence of evidence to bring it in a litigation process.