Methodology of our detectives

Our method:


The professional seriousness of Alerta Detectives presents as a reference the constant concern to reach the optimum result.

Concern that is transmitted and applied to your organization, guaranteeing a professional work in any field of research.


Rigorously, Alerta Detectives always caters to five premises:

  • Analytics of problems and solutions in matters.                      (Indicates the ideal moment and the appropriate line for the optimal execution of the services).
  • Provision of risk in the execution of services.                      (Avoids or minimizes delays, interruptions, or early conclusions in the development of issues).
  • Teamwork.                      (Provides the highest overall quality in services).
  • Allocation of appropriate technical resources and materials.                      (Provides maximum document quality in a service).
  • Selection and application of human resources according to the type of service.
Human team

The team of Alerta Detectives is fully aware, and thus avoids:

  • Unjustified delays in the execution of services.
  • Delays in the submission of reports.
  • The execution of the services evidencing dubious professionalism.
  • The creation of compromised situations that can affect or discover the Client.
  • Alerta Detectives is not intended to be a leader in the amount of admission of matters, but in the quality of execution of the same.
  • Alerta Detectives does not claim maximum economic profitability, but rather the adjusted contribution to the resource contribution.